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VNS Services

Certified Home Health Care

Care Where You Live

The love and support of family in familiar surroundings can enhance the healing process significantly, especially following a hospital stay. At The VNS, we proudly provide health care at your home, whether your home is the house you’ve lived in for years, or a senior retirement setting such as an independent or assisted living facility.

Our Team of Professionals are managed by a nurse or therapist and work with your physician, to provide the following home healthcare services:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Home Health Aide
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Registered Dietician
  • Social Worker
  • Chaplain (Spiritual Services)

Patients and Caregivers

If you or your loved one requires home health care, chances are there is a significant health care challenge. At The VNS, we welcome and encourage your involvement every step along the way. And if questions or concerns should arise regarding care, coverage, costs or eligibility associated with that care, we’ll be happy to answer or clarify.

When to Consider Home Health Care

For illness, hospitalization or surgery that requires recovery and healing, getting quality care at home can be particularly beneficial. It can also be effective in dealing with a new health care diagnosis that requires a change in daily lifestyle.

Here Are Some Key Indicators That May Determine Eligibility For Home Health Care:

  • Assistance required when walking or recent orthopedic surgery or procedure
  • A recent or scheduled surgery
  • Frequent falls
  • Changes in medications
  • Multiple visits to the emergency department (ED) or admission to the hospital
  • Unplanned weight loss
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Poorly controlled pain
  • Assistance required in leaving the home
  • Anxiety or psychosocial challenges due to immobility or changes in condition
  • Daily wound care or treatments
  • Multiple diseases or recent diagnosis that limit the ability to leave the home
  • Requires oxygen
  • Nutritional or fluid assessment needs or management
  • Infection that complicates the wound-healing process
  • Advanced neurological disease
  • Limits on physical mobility
  • Chronic illness with periods of instability
  • Need for assistance with IV medication for infection
  • Need for tube feeding support

Planning for the Future – Advance Care Planning

You have many choices in life including choices about how you want the end of your life to be. It is important to think about your options in advance and share your views with your loved ones. Then, when the time comes to make decisions, if you can’t decide for yourself, your loved ones will know that they are doing what you would have wanted. Making these decisions ahead of time will help your care providers know how to take care of you.

The VNS can help.